The Gifts of Lament

October 6, 2013



One evening, you and your spouse are caravanning back home from a soccer game. You and your spouse are driving separate vehicles because each of you went to the soccer game right after work. During the trip home after the game, your spouse is up ahead while you follow in the rear. As your spouse drives through an intersection, you see a pickup truck smash into the driver’s door of your spouse’s car. A minute later you stand beside the wrecked car—and your spouse’s eyes are closed, unconscious. By the time the ambulance screams to the emergency room of the hospital, your lover and best friend is dead. What do you do now? If you’re a biblical person, you will probably lament.

The poetry in front of us this morning form the opening lines of Lamentations. A whole book of the Bible on lament! But not just this book. 67 of the 150 Psalms also voice lament, which is about 45% of the Psalter. Oodles of people in the Bible lamented at one or more times of the life: Hannah, Job, Naomi, David, Jesus, and others.

Bible References

  • Lamentations 1:1 - 6