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May 5, 2013

Worship as Spiritual Formation

Worship as Spiritual Formation

When our children were little, my work as a chaplain did not involve Sunday morning responsibilities, so I was able to attend worship in the congregations where Allan was pastor. During those years, there were many times when I wondered why I bothered coming to church, as I spent the majority of the morning in […]

April 28, 2013

Lost in Wonder, Love, and Praise

I was talking a while back with my friend Paul. He told me one morning at dawn he was driving into Goshen for a meeting. Just outside of Goshen the sun started to rise over the horizon, radiating pinks, yellows, and oranges across the landscape. “It was so stunning I had to pull my van […]

April 14, 2013

To Focus on God

Every week, Christians gather to worship God. At first glance, these worship services look very different. We might meet in tiny rooms that only hold a handful of people, or in giant church campuses sprawled out over 50‐60 acres. We worship in prison chapels, hospital chapels, and nursing home chapels. Our style of worship might […]