To Focus on God

April 14, 2013




Every week, Christians gather to worship God. At first glance, these worship services look very different. We might meet in tiny rooms that only hold a handful of people, or in giant church campuses sprawled out over 50‐60 acres. We worship in prison
chapels, hospital chapels, and nursing home chapels. Our style of worship might be Anglo‐Catholic, Pentecostal, or something else. Each week we worship in perhaps thousands of different languages.

For 3 of the next 4 Sundays, Marilyn and I will offer three sermons intended to help us think about worship. Being a biblical people, we will of course try to stay in conversation with the Bible.

In general, we Mennonites have not been known for specializing in worship. More often we’ve been known for specializing in things like cooking, community, and discipleship. When 0ther people talk about Mennonites, they’re likely mention our interesting cookbooks and our emphasis on the ethics of discipleship, including our work in peacemaking. They might think about the More with Less cookbook, the Simply in Season cookbook, the Fix It and Forget It series of cookbooks, or books on ethics, like The
Politics of Jesus.

Bible References

  • Revelation 5:11 - 14



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