Lost in Wonder, Love, and Praise

April 28, 2013




I was talking a while back with my friend Paul. He told me one morning at dawn he was driving into Goshen for a meeting. Just outside of Goshen the sun started to rise over the horizon, radiating pinks, yellows, and oranges across the landscape. “It was so
stunning I had to pull my van over to the side of the road,” he said. “After I found a place to park, I just sat there in my seat, gazing at the glorious sunrise. I felt really close to God, as if God was reaching out and touching me. As the song says, I was ‘lost in wonder, love, and praise.’”

To be lost in wonder, love, and praise is an apt description of what happens in peak moments of worship. In peak moments of worship we’re caught up in something bigger than ourselves. It’s as if we are momentarily pulled outside of our normal mode of
living into an alternate world that overlaps the everyday world we usually live in. Our attention is transfixed on God.

Bible References

  • Revelation 7:9 - 12



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