October 30, 2016


When Ruth and I are traveling we often use GPS to give us directions to get to the specific  of the place we are visiting.  Sometimes the voice from the GPS interrupts our travel with the single word, “Recalculating.”  When that happens, we have a choice to make:  do we turn back to get on the planned GPS route or do we proceed on our way and let the GPS adjust to our choice.  When we know confidently the route to our destination, we may deviate from what our GPS is telling us.  But when we are less sure of ourselves, we know that we need to take corrective measures to get back on the preferred route. “Recalculating” tells us that we need to assess where we are and how we are going to go.

Recalculating!  If we speaking the koine, common Greek of the New Testament, we would use the word, “metanoia, repent”— meaning “to change our minds and our course of action.”  Today I want us to listen to the Biblical descriptions of “repenting” and then to consider what it means for us today to repent, recalculate, along those same lines.

Bible References

  • Matthew 3:1 - 3
  • Matthew 4:12 - 17
  • Genesis 6:5 - 8
  • Joel 2:12 - 14