Those Glorious Nights

October 19, 2014




Most Christians whom I know love daylight and fear darkness. Jenny and I had neighbors twelve years ago who were fine Christian people—members of one of the local Missionary churches here in town. One day shortly after they moved in their new home, they decided to install night lights at the front and back corners of the house. “Security lights” they called them. Security lights against thieves, security lights to discourage petty vandals, security lights to ward off the murky terrors of the night. Our neighbors feared the darkness and invested good money to keep the darkness at bay.

If you casually look at certain biblical texts it appears that God also loves the light and spurns the darkness. Page one of scripture gives this impression. When God starts the process of creating things from the dark and watery chaos, the first act is to summon forth light and then to separate that light from the darkness. Genesis 1.4 remarks that “God saw the light was good” but pointedly says nothing about the darkness being good. In this story darkness is undesirable. It is something to leave behind if you can.

Bible References

  • Exodus 16:13 - 15